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Education Features

Mark the Correct Answer

DirectPoll can indicate the correct answer after votes have been cast. Refer to this this step-by-step documentation.

Hide the Answer while Polling

Sometimes it’s bothering to see which answer gets the most votes during a poll. That might influence voters who are unsure to just tick the option that feels most correct. Therefore you might like to hide the answer text on the result page while polling. Your voters will see all answer options on their phone while casting their votes, but the result doesn’t reveal which answer is the most popular. Refer to this step-by-step documentation.

DirectPoll for Education Purposes

In an educational setup, DirectPoll helps you spice up your classes. Be it in a flipped classroom session or any other form of blended learning, DirectPoll gets your class’s attention. You have additional ideas or would like us to add something? Just get in touch with and let us know.

Assessment of Training Success

As a teacher you might like to know whether your education message was understood or not. The option “Mark the correct answer” is a good choice to display the right answer without ambiguity.

Get in Touch with your Audience

Alone in front of a big Webinar? DirectPoll might be a good solution to get in closer touch with your audience. Everyone can participate easily, no matter how far the locations are apart from each other.

Offer an Useful Option to use Smartphones in Class

Nowadays your pupils are allowed to use their Smartphone while attending a class. Use DirectPoll to add a useful entertainment option to your lectures. The option “Hide answers while polling” makes a poll even more exciting and attractive.