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FAQ Topics

What does DirectPoll Cost? How to Run a Poll? Huge Audiences Polling in the Classroom Known Connection and Proxy/Firewall Issues Comparison to Ordinary Surveys Android Browsers Security and Reliability

What does DirectPoll Cost?

I'm just wondering if the service is free of charge.
DirectPoll is currently for free. The basic service as currently offered will very likely stay free. There will be additional features that we plan to offer for a small fee, but what you setup now will stay free. Please note that we currently limit any poll to 500 concurrent voters. If you want to conduct bigger polls, please contact us for a quote.

How to Run a Poll?

I'd like to run my DirectPoll in a browser, how do I do that?
Just open the result-link in a separate browser window. You can obtain this link either directly from the DirectPoll cockpit or from your DirectPoll administration mail.
I’d like to include my poll in my PowerPoint presentation, how can I do this?
At this time, you'll have to switch from the presentation to a web browser showing the results screen. You can make this transition appear seamless by putting the browser in full-screen mode on the presentation screen before you start playing the presentation. That way, when you temporarily switch out of the presentation, the DirectPoll result screen is shown.
We are working on a tool we call ShowKit that will allow you to control your poll within your PowerPoint presentation. We don't have a release date for this tool yet.
Oh no, I lost my admin-mail! Will I ever get it back?
That's bad. Unfortunately we can't help you out with. Please re-enter your questions and preserve the admin-link this time. But before you do that, check your browser’s history: the links to your poll are persistent, so they will still work.
Can I add questions while conducting a poll?
Sure. They’ll be added after pushing
Your cockpit control is updated immediately after you saved the poll. You may use your questions as soon as the poll is started and the new questions appear in the dropdown of your cockpit control.
I like to start with the first question
So does DirectPoll. It displays the first question on the result page and the voting page after you pressed "START" on this element
for the first time.
Where do I see the answers to the current question?
Just open the result page with this link.
You may want to use it in fullscreen mode while doing your presentation.

Huge Audiences

I have a huge crowd of people for my poll. Do you support that?
We currently limit DirectPoll to serve 500 connected voters per poll. If you need more than that, please contact us directly via for a special arrangement that can support any size of audience.
I need a reliable uptime next Saturday afternoon. Will the service be up then?
We currently run DirectPoll on a best effort basis. If you have a mission-critical event, let us know well in advance via If we happen to be planning maintenance we may be able to take it into account. (Most of our regular maintenance does not interrupt the service.)

Polling in the Classroom

I'm a teacher and I'd like to use DirectPoll in class.
Please do. We offer several features that are useful for polling in your classroom. You may like to indicate which answers were correct after the vote? Or you would like to hide answers while polling? Please check our Education page for all details.

Known Connection and Proxy/Firewall Issues

I'm experiencing problems while steering my poll.
DirectPoll is based upon WebSockets, some old proxy servers still don't support that technology quite well. Try to remove the proxy connection or use an alternative connection. Proxy problems might occur with stepping back and forth between questions or while starting a poll.

The firewall might cause problems as well by filtering WebSockets. Try another connection, ie. with your mobile phone.

Last but not least you may like to check if your webbrowser supports Websockets Most browsers offer that feature by now.

My poll doesn't run and I have a "Connection closed" message in my Cockpit.
This might be caused by proxies, firewalls or managed networks that are filtering Websockets. Try to use an alternative connection with your mobile phone or convince the system department to allow Websockets.

Comparison to Ordinary Surveys

Can I create a questionnaire in order to ask others to fill it in?
No, DirectPoll is a live polling service. You’re asking questions and your audience answers them right away by using their smartphones. Every answer is counted and displayed live in an animation on the result page.

Android Browsers

Voting with my Android Browser just doesn't work!
DirectPoll uses WebSockets. Please update your native Android Browser to V4.4 or higher. A list of all supported browsers can be picked up at

Security and Reliability

Is using DirectPoll secure?
No, it's not. We currently do not use SSL to encrypt the traffic. Anybody being able to intercept the traffic to DirectPoll can listen to what people are being asked and what they vote.
Is DirectPoll reliable?
Well, it depends what you refer to: DirectPoll is a reliable service, we try to keep it running with high availability. However, if you refer to whether the result is reliable and accurate, the answer is more complicated. The number of votes given is the number of votes displayed in the result (very reliable), but it does not mean that every voter has voted only once. DirectPoll is easy to cheat: use two devices and you have two votes for the same question. And because already this cannot be prevented unless we would introduce some kind of voter registration process (which would kill the benefit of DirectPoll in many applications), we have decided not to make it very hard to cheat on an even bigger scale. Having said that: if you want to conduct a poll that allows every voter to reliably vote exactly only once, then please use a different service or product.